Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photos of Customized Hammer S Motorcycle Painted by Netcong Auto Restorations, LLC. New Jersey

This year the project included customizing a 2011 "Ford Mustang GT " convertible as well as a 2011 "Victory Hammer S" motorcycle. 

Performance and style usually take precedence over 
everything else. “LED lighting around the engine, for one, tucked-in turn signals, a side-mount license plate.” Paint is the first step, Netcong Auto Restorations, LLC. of NJ painted the motorcycle with a complex custom finish that complemented the Mustang GT that pulled it in on a trailer. Since the Hammer was intended as a getaway bike, it needed functional add-ons, not just stylish ones. The stock seat was changed into a two-person perch, carving foam and reupholstering to match the Mustang. A fairing was put on it. This reduced wind noise and added comfort and will be suitable for long rides. “It’s kind of out of the norm for a Hammer, but it also let allowed for an audio system.